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Do you feel like months go by and you’re getting no further financially? 

Does the thought of grinding away for 30+ years before you “retire” to watch soap operas make you cringe? 

Do you feel that you’re meant for something bigger – and all you need is a plan for finding and realizing your dream?

By creating a vision that lights them up – and ignoring advertising garbage and financial misinformation – people like you have dramatically upped their savings rate +  income to create freedom others can only dream of.

Build Wealth

How to Pay Cash for a House in 7 Years

This post is for the peeps early on in their career, and the awesome students who care to learn about money even while they’re neck-deep in term papers. Let’s be honest – understanding money is

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Find Meaning

6 Tips to Save Money on Travel

Have you wanted to travel somewhere awesome, and felt super excited? Then you crunch the numbers… and put your head in your hands, sobbing uncontrollably. Ok, maybe not so dramatic – but adding up all

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Find Meaning

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Here’s the scary reality: Most of us will live check-to-check and in debt until we retire in old age and poor health to watch soap operas. I know that’s exactly what you’ve dreamed of. In

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Fear Of Failure
Overcome Fear

How Fear of Failure Cost Me $1.5M

I recently asked my husband Mark what he saw as my worst financial mistake. He thought about it for a second, and then said, “That time you bought $200 worth of nuts!” Wait a second.

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