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An Improvised Life (Part 3 of 3: Improvisation as a Life Skill – and Tool to Sock Money Away)

Becoming more comfortable with improvising can lead to greater joy and spontaneity in our lives. Like any muscle, it works better when we use it regularly. This muscle can also atrophy if we always default to “BUT…” whenever we encounter something new and different. When we allow ourselves to be open to new ideas and … Read more

An Improvised Life (Part 2 of 3: Improvising through the Chaos of War)

Each time I introduced myself to a new group of people in my improv classes, I would tell them that prior to this year, I had NEVER done any improv before. This went on for several months, until I finally had the forehead-slapping realization about how much of my life – everyone’s life – is … Read more