About Mihaela

Mihaela Jekic, Ph.D. is a life and money coach, author and speaker who empowers professionals and entrepreneurs to become the best version of themselves, build financial freedom, and live life on their terms. Mihaela’s reviewed thousands of business plans and pitches, earned a biomedical engineering Ph.D., and delivered a TedX talk titled “Turning Humiliation into Transformation”.

Mihaela has helped people get rid of debt, improve their cash flow and carve out time to start their dream business. She has helped business owners keep more of their money and build a business and life they love.


She’s gone from losing everything during the Bosnian civil war and being a refugee to paying cash for her home in Ohio in her early 30’s. She speaks and conducts workshops on personal transformation, resilience, and financial freedom. Mihaela co-authored Money for Meaning: Philosophy for a Life of Extraordinary Freedom.


About Mark

Mark Lancia is a personal finance coach, cost saving expert, author and speaker. He has saved companies tens of millions in parts and labor, and helped many individuals build freedom and wealth by focusing their time, energy and money on what truly matters to them.

Mark has helped clients ditch debt, take dream vacations at a fraction of the retail price, start side hustles in real estate and other areas, and transition to work they love.

He went from humble beginnings to making work optional by the time his youngest kid starts kindergarten. Mark co-authored Money for Meaning: Philosophy for a Life of Extraordinary Freedom.

While earning his industrial engineering degree, Mark also pursued his passion in music – playing 100’s of shows, recording 4 albums and performing in front of tens of thousands of people.