Your money blueprint

Crush your S.M.A.R.T. money goals in your business & personal finances

Are you a small business owner who’s struggling to create a sustainable business that gives you financial security and freedom?

Would you rather eat scampering cockroaches on Fear Factor than study your financial statements in depth?

Do you feel like you’ve busted your behind to generate revenue – then wanted to scream when you saw how little was left over in profit? Where did all the flipping money go??

Do you dream of a business that actually frees up your time instead of feeling like you’re on a treadmill ALL. DAY. LONG. and it’s only going faster and faster?  

Do you often find yourself working IN your business instead of ON your business?

Do you feel like you’ve got the gas pedal all the way to the floor, but the destination seems to keep getting further away?

Are you ready to start working smarter, not harder?

Hi, we’re Mark and Mihaela!

We help business owners get their money right and build a life and business they love.

We know you’re incredible at serving your clients or making amazing products. That’s why you started this business! 

But how clear are you on what your financials are telling you?

We all have our “blind spots” that are often revealed by looking at numbers and having 1:1 conversations. Some common examples:  

  • Understanding which service/product to put marketing effort behind and which to let go of
  • Finding creative ways to reduce operating costs
  • Competing on value, not price 
  • Putting systems in place to free up time to work ON your business
  • Putting key people in place
  • Getting out of our own way – confidence and mindset
  • …and many more
You’re always in the driver’s seat, but having someone in your corner who will help you stay accountable to your goals is freakin’ powerfully effective!

Sound exciting?

To make sure we’re on the same page, here’s a note on what NOT to expect:

  • Being told that the only thing you need to do is open yourself up to “receiving” from the Universe (like many business coaches do) and riches will magically fall in your lap. We believe in smart, consistent, strategic action. Let’s at least meet the Universe half way!
  • Book-keeping. We’re not running your Quickbooks. Instead, we help you get insight from your numbers and grow your PROFIT.

AMAZING BONUS: We can help your personal finances as well and make sure you’ve got systems set up to automatically grow your money!

If this is resonating with you, schedule your free money clarity call NOW and let’s talk. Excited to meet you and your biz!


3-MONTH PACKAGE:  $995. Includes six 1:1 calls, one call every two weeks. 

6-MONTH PACKAGE:  $1495. Includes twelve 1:1 calls, one call every two weeks. 

Each call will take approximately 45 minutes (first call ~ 60 minutes). Unlimited e-mail support between calls is included. 

We do not accept payment until we’ve had a money clarity call to make sure we’re a great fit for each other. We only take on clients who are a great fit for us. 

Working with us is risk-free. If you’ve made a genuine effort and done the work, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.