Your money blueprint

Crush your S.M.A.R.T. money goals in your business & personal finances

Mihaela Jekic, Ph.D. and Mark Lancia are money coaches, authors and speakers who empower professionals and business owners to get their money right and build a business and life they love.

Mihaela Jekic has gone from losing everything during the Bosnian civil war to earning a PhD in biomedical engineering, founding multiple companies, and performing twice on a TEDx stage. She’s passionate about helping women business owners become profitable and thrive, and helping professional women and couples get in control of their money to create extraordinary freedom in life. 

Mark Lancia is a financial coach, cost saving expert, author and speaker. He has saved companies tens of millions in parts and labor, and helped many individuals build freedom and wealth by focusing their time, energy and money on what truly matters to them.

Mark and Mihaela speak and conduct workshops on personal transformation, entrepreneurial mindset, and financial freedom. They co-authored Money for Meaning: Philosophy for a Life of Extraordinary Freedom. 

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