Mihaela Jekic, Ph.D.

Money Coach. Author. Speaker.

I’m passionate about helping people confidently go after their goals, transform their self-image, become more resilient, and play great financial offense AND defense to live the life they truly want. 

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About Me

I’m a former refugee who started high school without speaking English – and I know what being lost and overwhelmed can feel like!

But I also know what we can accomplish when we push our limits and adopt a mindset of personal growth and adventure.

My journey has taken many twists and turns – an Engineering Ph.D., being a nationally ranked athlete, moving countries, founding a biomedical startup and raising investment capital, leading a public-private partnership, becoming an author, speaker – and even an accidental improv artist!

I speak and conduct workshops on personal transformation, entrepreneurial mindset and financial freedom. 

Now is the perfect time to lay the foundation for the life we want!

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This highly interactive workshop will leave your group feeling energized, uplifted, and confident in overcoming challenges. They will forge stronger professional bonds, open up about challenges they’re facing, and become a “mastermind” to help each other tackle those challenges. We explore: 

  1. Our reactions to setbacks and how to recover quickly 
  2. Easy, practical ways to build resilience 
  3. Minimizing overwhelm: when to say “Yes!” and “No”
  4. Clarifying goals and getting past detours 
  5. Adopting a growth mindset 

 “Dr. Mihaela Jekic recently led a workshop on resilience for our women faculty. The presentation was outstanding. The participants were fully engaged and left with valuable, practical tools to apply in their careers and lives. The workshop addressed common challenges faced by professional women and facilitated open conversation, resulting in the group identifying ways they can help each other. The feedback and ratings from the participants were all excellent. I would strongly recommend Dr. Jekic and plan to have her back!”

Caroline Crisafulli, Director of Innovation
Ohio State ADVANCE
The Ohio State University 

Money for Meaning: Creating Your Own Rich Life

Money is a taboo subject for many of us – one that can create feelings of guilt and lack of control. At best, we glaze over as people go on and on about 401k percentages.  This is not your typical money workshop! Filled with stories, humor, engaging exercises, and tons of interaction, this workshop will leave your audience:   

  1. Understanding their own money stories 
  2. Clarifying their core values/priorities
  3. Understanding personal finance 101 from emergency fund to financial independence (with STORIES and PICTURES!)
  4. Creating a unique vision for what their own rich life looks like 
  5. Setting SMART money goals to follow through

 “The course was wonderful! I felt that there was a lot of time to share out loud and brainstorm with the group.” – Danielle Williams

“Very inspiring! Made good sense.” – Elicia Finnell


Turning Humiliation into Transformation

We’ve all faced setbacks in our lives and careers – which can create or reinforce negative beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of. Science shows that our thoughts and emotions are wiring our neurons together. 

The good news is that we can go beyond old beliefs and adopt a new self-image – thriving personally and professionally. Dr. Jekic illustrates with a personal story of humiliation when she froze up during her PhD candidacy exam and developed a belief that she’s terrible on her feet. She started to dread public speaking. Her journey to overcome this fear led her to improv comedy, a TedX stage – and personal and career transformation. This engaging and humorous talk covers: 

  1. How limiting beliefs can shape us
  2. Why we’re not who we think we are 
  3. How to step into “discovery mode”
  4. The 3 questions to overcome fear of new challenges in career or business
  5. Putting ourselves out there – and thriving

Refugee to PhD: Building the Life You Want

We’re not born knowing our passions – we have to discover them! But too often the fear of failure and criticism gets in the way. With humor, personal stories, and genuine vulnerability, Dr. Jekic shares the 5 keys to discover our gifts and create the life we want:  

  1. When Life Gives You Lemons…Reinvent Yourself
  2. Say “YES!” Instead of “BUT”
  3. Keep Expanding Your Comfort Zone
  4. Invest in Yourself, Not in Your Stuff
  5. Follow Your Heart, Not Fear

“Dr. Jekic helps people find new direction in their life, business, and dare I say, heart.  Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her or hear her speak.  It will resonate with you for a long time.”

Kevin Cordi, Ph.D.
International Award-Winning Storyteller
Professor, Ohio Northern University


“Dr. Jekic’s talk was hugely comforting as well as motivating. As I am preparing to graduate and start a new beginning, I am absolutely terrified. But, Dr. Jekic’s talk made me realize the power in saying YES to new things. I am now excited to take that leap of faith!”

Rebecca Newton, Ohio Northern University

“Dr. Jekic helps people find new direction in their life, business, and dare I say, heart.  Don’t miss an opportunity to work with her or hear her speak.  It will resonate with you for a long time.”

Dr. Kevin Cordi, International Award-Winning Storyteller 

 “Dr. Jekic delivered an outstanding keynote talk at a women’s leadership conference I organized. She’s a highly effective speaker, and makes her points with humor, personal stories and genuine vulnerability. I highly recommend Dr. Jekic as a speaker!”

Barbara Allen, Co-Founder of Columbus Unscripted

“Dr. Jekic gave an amazing talk and life lesson. Very eye opening.”

Sarah Horman, Ohio Northern University

Next Steps

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