The House Hacking Strategy

We don’t typically review books, but felt it necessary to review “The House Hacking Strategy:  How to Use Your Home to Achieve Financial Freedom” by Craig Curelop, published by Bigger Pockets. House hacking helped me save over 50% of my income in my 20’s. And I didn’t own a multi-family rental, or rent out rooms in … Read moreThe House Hacking Strategy

What is Life Balance? (It’s Not What You Think…)

What is life balance

You’ve probably heard the term “work-life balance” tossed around, often by well-meaning human resources staff. And if you’re like me, you politely stared at them while secretly rolling your eyes so far back you could see your own brain. But have you ever stopped to think what “balance” really means? Are we in balance if … Read moreWhat is Life Balance? (It’s Not What You Think…)