Get Private 1:1 Coaching to Jumpstart the Life YOU Deserve!

What does financial freedom mean to you? 

Seriously…think about it. 

Another way to say this is “What do you want out of life – your one unique, precious life?” 

Ignoring money is  a sure-fire way to getting stuck and not being able to live the life you desire. 

So what gets you excited about financial freedom? 

  • Being in control of your money… instead of feeling like it controls you?
  • Doing work where you feel fulfilled…instead of dragging yourself in on Monday morning just to pay the bills?
  • Being able to take “mini-retirements” so you can travel or launch your dream business?
  • Having the time to explore what gets you excited to wake up in the morning? 
  • Spending more time with the people you love? 
  • Launching a side hustle and turning it into a full-time gig? 
  • Buying a house with a big down-payment (or even without a mortgage)? 
  • Making work optional decades before traditional retirement age? (Yes, it’s possible…because we’ve done it!)
Financial freedom means something different to each of us!
But the reality is, some of us will take action to create the life we’ve dreamed of – while others will sit on the sidelines, doing what everyone else is doing and wondering why they just can’t seem to get ahead. 
What would it feel like to have a trusted guide to point you in the right direction, help you stay on track, and take YEARS off the time to reach your goals?

Hi, we’re Mark and Mihaela!

We started Money for Meaning because we believe that everyone should have the freedom to create a life they love and do meaningful work that gets them excited to get up in the morning!

We’re money nerds and get pumped about creative ways to save money. But we don’t believe you need extreme frugality and deprivation to reach your goals! In fact, we’ve traveled to nearly 40 countries (before having kids! 🙂 WHILE being able to pay cash for our house and creating a life of freedom. 

You don’t need to settle – but you need to put yourself first and invest in YOU! Your future self will high-five you! 🙂

Here are some of the things we’ll do together:

  • Explore your deepest core values, goals and dreams

  • Get crystal clear on where you are financially

  • Map out a path toward your vision

  • Uncover unconscious “money scripts” and limiting beliefs

  • Ensure spending is aligned with your values and larger goals

  • Identify areas for quick wins

  • Free up money for what you want to do and find ways to get it for less (e.g. trip overseas)

  • Maximize your earning potential

  • Get the most out of your current job: grow skills, add value, take risks, ask for raises/promotions, take advantage of benefits

  • Explore your strengths and ways to turn your skills/passions into additional income 

We can’t do the work for you…only you can do that. But we will provide you with unconditional support and accountability as you  grow your confidence with money and create a path toward YOUR version of financial freedom.

This investment will quickly pay for itself in multiples through more income/keeping more of what you make – while doing the things you truly value. Woo hoo! 

We want to help you reach the potential you already know you have! 


3-MONTH PACKAGE:  $795Includes six 1:1 calls, one call every two weeks. 

6-MONTH PACKAGE:  $1295. Includes twelve 1:1 calls, one call every two weeks. 

Each call will take approximately 45 minutes. Unlimited e-mail support between calls is included. 

We do not accept payment until we’ve had a money clarity call to make sure we’re a great fit for each other. We only take on clients who are a great fit for us and who are committed to doing the work. 

Myth #1: I have to be a high earner.

You don’t have to make an astronomical income to achieve financial freedom. We’ll work with you to maximize your earnings – but regardless of what you’re making today, smart money choices can help you build more net worth (and freedom in life) than much higher earners. 

Myth #2: Only those in serious financial trouble need a coach. 

No freakin’ way! Every Olympic Athlete has a coach who helps them grow from good to great. You can spend years trying to figure things out on your own, or take a shortcut that will save you years of your life and lost opportunities. We can help you if you’re struggling with money right now, but we can also help you go from “good” (no consumer debt, some savings) to “great” (kicking ass financially and transforming into the best version of yourself). 

Myth #3: I have to take massive risks to get ahead. 

We’re not going to ask you to quit your job tomorrow to start a full-time business (unless that’s your passion and you’re financially ready). You can get ahead in many other ways – increasing your pay, reducing unnecessary expenses, ditching debt, finding alternative ways to do what you love (e.g. travel abroad), starting a side hustle, etc. We’ll work with you to find an approach that’s right for YOU. 

Working with us is risk-free. If you’ve made a genuine effort and done the work, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.